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Stanton DJ Pro 300 Single-Sided Headphone

Have both hands free at the tables with the single sided Stanton DJ PRO 300 Professional Headphones. These headphones are nice and lightweight, comfortable, and easy to use for the up-and-coming DJ.

They feature a 40 mm driver for great sound especially in the bass sections. They also have standard professional headphone features like a 10 foot cable with a 1/4 inch connector, a frequency range from 20 hZ to 20000 hZ, and a maximum input of 500 mW.

Feel like you just don't have enough hands on the turntables? Well you can stop holding your headphones in one hand with the DJ PRO 300's. These headphones go over the head but only have one ear cup, so you can hear all your music in one ear stereo.

You will also enjoy some extra features on these headphones such as an adjustable headband, detachable and replaceable cable, and a carrying case for storage or for throwing it in with your gear.

So here's your main features:

- Single sided headphone with stereo audio
- Driver: 40 mm
- Frequency range: 20 hZ - 20000 hZ
- 10 foot cable, 1/4 inch connector
- Max input: 500 mW
- Detachable/ replaceable cable
- Adjustable headband and carrying case

All-in-all the Stanton DJ PRO 300 Headphones have amazing sound quality in a lightweight package, with stereo sound coming from a convenient one ear system. For the best professional features at a very affordable price, the Stanton PRO 300's are a great choice for a DJ who wants to free up their hand and really get into their music. Plus, these headphones come from Stanton so you know they will produce some of the best sound quality at a low price, so pick up a set today.

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