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Stanton DJ Pro 3000 Headphones

A new age of headphones has arrived! The Stanton DJ PRO 3000 Professional Headphones provide style and high sound quality at an affordable price. From standard high quality professional features you love like 50 mm neodymium drivers, a wide range frequency response from 16 hZ to 22000 hZ, reversible spring loaded ear cups for one ear listening, and a gold plated 1/4 inch connector.

Not to mention some features not found on any other headphones like blue LED lights that flash to the beat of the music as well as high end and low end frequency passes for superior sound quality from any source.

Just like any Stanton headphone set, the DJ PRO 3000 headphones come with an easily detachable and replaceable cable that reaches nearly 10 feet. These headphones have a high max input at 3000 mW and include and adapter for a 1/8 inch plug so you can listen to your tunes anywhere. To make sure you can hear all the great sound quality coming from these high end headphones, these include a closed back system that creates amazing sound isolation and reduces outside ambient noise.

PRO 3000 Main Features:

The Stanton DJ PRO 3000 headphones feature a variety of high end professional features as well as some exclusive features you can't find on any other headphones. They feature a wide frequency response system to get the best sound clarity as well as Blue LED's that connect with your sound for a really awesome experience. Not to mention these headphones are also foldable and include a carrying case to keep you on the move. Are you looking to step up your DJ skills? Start with getting those old headphones upgraded to a pair of PRO 3000's.

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