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Stanton DJ PRO 50S Professional Headphones

Looking to get into being a DJ? Start off the right way with a nice pair of affordable Stanton Pro headphones: The DJ PRO 50S Professional Headphones. These feature high quality features like a super-thin 40 mm diver, a frequency range from 20 hZ to 20000 hZ, and a 9 foot cable with 1/4 inch adapter.

You also get the quality of Neodymium magnet performance built in to this small package, weighing in at only 7.05 oz. If you are looking for a combination of affordability and quality in a stanton headphone, the PRO 50S's are for you.

The Stanton DJ PRO 50S Professional Headphones provide a variety of high end features for the aspiring DJ who might be a little low on cash to get a start. These headphones have nice big ear cups to block out external noise and let you focus on the beats.

The head band on the PRO 50S's is fully adjustable so you can have the comfortable fit you desire when you are looking at a long set list and you know you want to be comfortable through the whole experience. You can also pump up your music through these headphones with a max input of 120 mW so you can get the most out of your tunes.


Want to look like a pro behind those tables, but all you have for headphones are the ones that came with your old CD player? For the best in affordability and quality look no further than the Stanton DJ PRO 50S Professional Headphones. The feature all the professional qualities you can find in more expensive models like 40 mm drivers, neodymium magnets, and a frequency range from 20 hZ to 20000 hZ. All that with a very nice price tag for the new DJ to get going.

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