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Stanton Headphones

Launched as Stanton Magnetics in 1946, Stanton develops a number of audio products for professionals and consumers. Their product line includes phono cartridges, turntables, CD players, headphones, mixers and more.

Stanton’s products are top of the line and receive rave reviews from professional DJs. They’ve earned a stellar reputation throughout the world. Hip-Hop artists Annalyze swears by Stanton’s products.

Stanton believes in their product line and offers numerous ways to get in touch. From email to phone or even their forums, you’ll find Stanton takes their customers seriously. This is a good example of why their products are so popular.

Stanton's Achievements

Over the years, Stanton has made a name for themselves. They equipped the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards and are used by many top DJs.

Their products are featured in the motion picture “In The Mix” starring Usher.

Keep in mind, Stanton is always looking for ways to enhance their products. The DJ Pro 3000 Headphones are designed with today’s modern technology in mind. Within the headband are LED lights that pulsate to the rhythm of the music you’re listening to.

Best-selling Stanton Headphone Models

DJ PRO 1000: If you love deep bass, the DJ PRO 1000s are a great choice. They are designed with comfort in mind. Sturdy and lightweight, the headphones are designed to withstand regular use. Bass is amplified by the heavy-duty drivers, and frequency ranges from 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

DJ PRO 2000: With the Stanton DJ PRO 2000, the earcups fold into the headband for easy storage. Earcups rotate for single-ear listening. The stereo headphones offer a pleasing design that allows the cable to detach for storage.

DJ PRO 300: Stanton’s DJ PRO 300 are single-sided headphones perfect for professionals who need to hear what is going on around them. With a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz and high sensitivity, sound quality is supreme.

DJ PRO 3000: A recent addition to Stanton’s headphone line, DJ PRO 3000 features rotating earcups and a single sided cable connection. Blue LED lighting in the headband matches the beat of your music. The sleek design is lightweight and comfortable, while the price makes them a very reasonable DJ headphone offering.

DJ PRO 50: The DJ PRO 50 stereo headphones are Stanton’s least expensive line. You get a lot of features for the money. With 120 megawatts of power, bass and treble resonate nicely.

DJ PRO 60: Stanton’s DJ PRO 60 headphones offer stereo sound in three colors: white, black and silver. Frequency ranges of 3 Hz to 28 kHz and sensitivity of 102 dB provide exceptional audio quality. The padded headband adjusts for a perfect fit.









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