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Panasonic Technics RP-DJ1200 Foldable DJ Headphones

Whether you are looking for the most high end D.J. Headphones on the market, or you are just a hardcore music listener who wants to get the most out of your music, the Technics RP-DJ1200 Professional Headphones are for you.

With its high end features like a swing-arm system for D.J. monitoring, copper-wrapped voice coils, and the ability to reverse the housing for listening in one ear, these professional, high quality headphones are top of the line for listening.

The Technics RP-DJ1200 headphones provide a lot more, and all for a bargain price. Cushy, soft earphone covers make sure your're not only listening to optimal sound, but also listening with comfort.

These headphones also provide a folding feature to fold up the headphones for on-the-go storage and they come with their own custom carrying case. Professional D.J.'s can appreciate the coiled headphone line for maximum ease of use. Following at the end of that line is a solid gold receptor to get the most accurate playback you can hear.

These headphones can take a beating too. A Durable, splash proof outer casing ensures that these headphones survive in any environment under any conditions. They can even take a beating inside too. With a max input of 1,500 mW, the Technics RP-DJ1200 headphones don't mind if you like to crank the bass up really loud!

So, if you are looking to be a professional D.J. at the turntables, or if you just want reliable, high quality, professional sound to get the most out of your music, the Technics RPDJ1200' s are for you. With all of its high end features, plus the amazing durablity, these awesome headphones are a masterpiece in any music enthusiast's mind.

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