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Panasonic Technics RP DH1200 Folding Pro DJ Headphones

The Panasonic RP-DH1200E headphones can provide for all your needs whether you are behind the tables or in the recording studio, they are the ultimate all-around professional headphone. These top of the line headphones have all the features you want from a set of pro DJ phones.

Features including 50 mm drivers, a closed-ear design to get the best musical clarity and to close out external sounds, and a high input of 3500 mW. Not only that but you get the features you expect in any pair of professional headphones like an adjustable head band emblazoned with "Technics", a gold plated receptor, and an extra carrying case to keep your headphones safe when on the go.

You will definitely hear every part of your music with the RP-DH1200E's. They feature a wide frequency response that ranges from 5 hZ to 30000 hZ. This means that all those awesome bass sections that are lost with some headphones are heard loud and clear with these headphones.

These headphones are also fully versatile with a detachable and replaceable, 9.84 foot cable so you can choose which cable fits your needs and not have to hassle to get connected. For DJ's on the go the Panasonic RP-DH1200E's feature folding earpieces, which also have another feature about them, they are reversible for one ear monitoring. The RP-DH1200E's really emphasize the words "all-around" when it comes to headphones.

Listed features:

- 50 mm drivers

- Max input: 3500 mW

- Gold plated receptor

- Wide frequency range: 5 hZ - 30000 hZ

- 9.84 ft. detachable cable

- Folding, adjustable, reversible ear cups

- Carrying Case

Whether you are looking to be the pro behind the turntables or the pro back in the recording studio, the Panasonic RP-DH1200E headphones are for you. These full featured professional headphones will give you everything you need and more including ultimate sound quality in 50 mm drivers and a frequency range from 5 to 30000 hZ. Not to mention they will also give you superior adaptability in folding ear cups and replaceable cables. If you are looking to step up to the big leagues in terms of music you need the RP-DH1200E's as your choice for being a DJ professional.

Manufacturer's Product Details: Technics




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