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Ultrasone Proline 2500 S-Logic Surround Sound Foldable Open Headphones

The Ultrasone PROline 2500 Professional Headphones provide so many more features than the average headphone, you may want to put them in a category all their own.

Not only do the PROline 2500's give you the S-Logic surround sound output like all Ultrasone headphones, that makes you experience your music in three dimensions, going from a trapped headphone sound to a sound that could be associated with a live performance.

These headphones also provide an open and airy sound with their open-back design, not to mention high performance 40 mm titanium drivers, as well as a super wide frequency range from 8 hZ to 35000 hZ.

When you are mixing in the studio, you need a pair of headphones that can not only be comfortable on your head but provide the most professional features available on the market today.

The Ultrasone PROline 2500 headphones give you both. With professional features you deserve like gold plated 1/8 in connector with an included 1/4 inch adapter, and 2 detachable 9.84 foot cables. Comfort also comes with the PROline 2500's with an adjustable head band, 2 extra replaceable soft ear pads, and a carrying case so you can keep your headphones and cable safe from all your other gear.


- 40 mm titanium drivers

- Open-back, airy, design

- S-Logic surround sound

- Super wide frequency: 8 hZ - 35000 hZ

- 1/8 inch gold plated connector, 1/4 inch adapter

- 2 detachable/ interchangeable 9.84 ft. cables

- 2 extra ear pads, and a carrying case

If you are looking for a pair of headphones with too many professional features to count, check out the PROline 2500 pro headphones from Ultrasone. They provide all the industry standards you want like a gold plated connector and two 9.84 interchangeable cables. They also provide special features like titanium 40 mm drivers to give you the highest quality output sound, the S-Logic surround sound system to hear your music in three dimensions, and an open back design to give you more than you could ever want from your headphones and your music. Quality and clarity is the desire of any music enthusiast and the PROline 2500's don't disappoint.

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