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Ultrasone PRO 750 Closed-Back Professional Headphones

The Ultrasone PROline 750 Professional Headphones are made for someone with superior taste in sound quality and clarity. These headphones have more than the average professional features including MU metal shielding which reduces magnetic radiation by 98%, saving your ears and letting you listen without irritation for hours upon hours.

They also include the S-Logic three dimensional listening system which makes you hear your music in a totally different way, with depth and direction. Think of it this way, it takes you from being enclosed in headphones to the sound of a live performance all around you. Of course, the 750's give you all the features you would expect from a pair of pro headphones like 40 mm drivers, a 1/4 inch gold plated jack, and a wide frequency range from 8 hZ to 35000 hZ.

A pair of Ultrasone PROline 750's will blow you away in their sound quality, not to mention impress you in reducing ear damaging effects. The S-logic system helps provide 40% less decibel production for the same amount of noise you hear, meaning you can crank your tunes and not have to worry about losing your hearing while your at it.

These headphones also include flexibility and versatility, coming standard with two 9.84 foot cables, one coiled and on straight, so you can pick and choose which type of cable best suits your needs. The headphones are also fully foldable, they include 2 spare ear pads, and can be transported from place to place easily with an included carrying case.
More-than-pro features:

- MU metal shielding to reduce magnetic radiation

- S-Logic surround sound listening

- 40 mm drivers

- 1/4 inch gold plated connector with supplied adapters

- Frequency range: 8 - 35000 hZ

- Two 9.84 ft. cables (straight and coiled)

- Spare ear pads, foldability, carrying case

For the most professional and hearing safe headphones, look to the Ultrasone PROline 750's. These headphones have all the high quality features you demand as well as the MU metal shielding system to protect you hearing. Not to forget, just like any pair of Ultrasone's, they have the S-logic 3D listening experience so you can get everything out of your music collection. Any DJ, Recorder, or just a great music enthusiast can appreciate the performance ability of the PROline 750 professional headphone system.

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