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Ultrasone DJ1 Dynamic Stereo DJ Headphones

Ultrasone DJ1 Professional Headphones will provide you with a music experience like never before. When you hear your music through these headphones, it will sound like you are hearing a surround sound speaker system as the headphones 3D sound design fills your ears.

The S-Logic surround sound system takes the trapped sound of headphones out and replaces it with a feeling as if you weren't listening to headphones at all, its all around the room in your head, but in reality all the sound is still only heard by the wearer. These headphones are also fully professional quality in features like a frequency range from 10 hZ to 22000 hZ, a gold plated 1/8 connector with a 1/4 adapter, and a 9.84 foot cable.

The features don't end there in these amazing professional headphones. Not only will you get a full surround sound feel with the S-Logic system, but this system also produces around 40 percent lower decibel production for the same amount of loudness, reducing the risk of hearing defects while still keeping the music nice and loud for those who like to crank the volume.

They also feature big comfy ear cups, an adjustable head band, and they are fully foldable so you can stash them away at your convenience.

Ultrasone DJ1 Features:

- Amazing S-Logic surround sound listening

- Frequncy Range: 10 - 22000 hZ

- 1/8 inch gold plated connector, 1/4 inch adapter
- 9.84 foot cable

- Adjustable head band

- Fully foldable ear cups

Break away from the old sound of traditional headphones with the Ultrasone DJ1 Professional Headphones. The S-Logic built in surround sound feel technology takes you from feeling isolated to feeling like your at a live concert of your personal choice. These headphones also provide the highest standards in high end pro headphones like a frequency up to 22000 hZ and a gold plated connection for the ultimate in musical quality and clarity. If you want to save your ears and hear your music like never before you need a pair of DJ1's.

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