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Ultrasone DJ1 Pro Dynamic Stereo DJ Headphones

The Ultrasone DJ1Pro Professional Headphones are a great pair of headphones if you are looking to get just a little more performance than the original DJ1's. These headphones let you experience the S-Logic surround sound listening system.

This system makes your music feel like it has a direction and contains depth as it appears to emulate around the room, while in reality, all the sound is all enclosed over your ears. There is more high quality features also included like 50 mm drivers, gold plated 1/8 connector with a 1/4 inch connector, and a frequency range from 10 hZ to 22000 hZ.

But there is way more to a pair of DJ1Pro's like nice comfortable ear cups that surround your whole ear for maximum ambient noise reduction and a foldable, adjustable, head band.

These headphones are super versatile and come standard with two interchangeable cables, one with a volume control built-in so you can adjust your volume easily and hassle free, a pair of replacement ear pads, and a carrying case so you can easily take these headphones on the go with you.

Also keeping your ears in mind, these headphones provide the same amount of sound at 40% less decibels, so you can get all sound you want without any future worries about hearing impairment.

Pro Features include:

- S-Logic surround sound listening

- 50 mm drivers

- 1/8 inch gold plated connector, 1/4 inch adapter

- 2 interchangeable cables, one with volume controls

- Extra replacement ear pads and carrying case

- Adjustable, foldable head band

- Frequency Range: 10 hZ to 22000 hZ

Look and feel like a top-notch professional with a pair of Ultrasone DJ1Pro Headphones. Hear your music in three dimensions with S-Logic technology, and don't be afraid to turn it up without damaging your ears. Get the best sound quality and clarity with heavy duty 50 mm drivers and a wide frequency from 10 hZ to 22000 hZ. Go where you want with full foldability and carrying case storage. If there is one thing that's for certain it's that the DJ1Pro's are the most professional headphone on the market, providing all the comfort and sound quality you need in a pair of headphones.

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