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Ultrasone Headphones

Focusing their business production on headphones for consumers and professionals, Ultrasone is a leader in headphone sales and development.

Brief History of Ultrasone

After seventeen years in business, Ultrasone positions themselves as leaders in the headphone industry. From 1991 to today, Ultrasone works strenuously to improve their product line. They’ve earned numerous patents over the years.

Founded in Germany, Ultrasone operates factories in Austria, Germany, Taiwan and the United States. One of their goals was to produce quality headphones that did not negatively affect the hearing, a common issue with over-the-head and ear bud headphones.

Ultrasone is unique from their competitors because they believe headphones producing electromagnetic radiation deteriorate one’s health. They develop headphones that shield these emissions.

Many of today’s biggest names rely on Ultrasone headphones. Solo artists like Peter Frampton, Amy Grant, Keb Mo, Alan Parsons, Shania Twain, Steve Vai and Stevie Wonder use them. Record producers Anthony Dent (Aretha Franklin), Frank Filipetti (Elton John), Barrett Jones (Foo Fighters), Mutt Lang (AC/DC) and Don Was (Rolling Stones) also stick to Ultrasone.

Important Events in the Development of Ultrasone’s Headphones

One of Ultrasone’s biggest advancements involves the development of their ULE-Technology. By shielding the speaker system within the ear cups, Ultrasone cuts electromagnetic emissions by more than 90 percent. Originally, the ULE system was only included in professional headphones, but increasing consumer headphone changed this.

Ultrasone uses their S-Logicä technology to help prevent hearing loss. By reducing sound pressure levels, hearing loss is far less likely to occur.

Ultrasone’s Best-selling Models

Because Ultrasone specializes in headphones, you will find their quality is unbeatable. Their best-selling models include the following:

DJ1: The DJ1 over-the-head headphones from Ultrasone fold into a compact bundle and include a protective carrying case. 50 mm Mylar drivers offer great sound quality providing a frequency range of 10 Hz to 22 kHz. S-Logic and ULE technologies are used in these headphones.

DJ1Pro: Geared for the professionals, Ultrasone’s DJ1Pro closed-back headphones come with a hard case for storage. S-Logic and ULE technology enhance these gems. 50 mm Mylar drivers provide 10 Hz to 22 kHz frequency levels.

PROline 2500: Ultrasone’s PROline 2500 over-the-ear headphones feature their patented S-Logic and ULE technology. 40 mm titanium drivers provide excellent audio. The headphones include a rigid carrying case to keep them safe between uses. Ear cups fold neatly into the headband making them easy to take with you.

PROline 750: PROline 750s feature ULT and S-Logic technology. The headphones come with two detachable cables and 6.3 mm and 3.5 mm plugs. Sound quality is exceptional thanks to the 40 mm titanium drivers that offer frequency ranges of 8 Hz to 35 kHz.









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