Med Alert Bracelets Save Lives - Medical Emergency Bracelet

Med alert bracelets save lives; it is a proven fact. One of the most important items an elderly person can wear is a Medical Alert Jewelry.

If you collapse in a crowded shopping center or lawn in front of your home, EMTs have a greater chance of saving your life if they know your medical information in advance.

Typical information found on a med alert bracelet includes:

Current prescriptions
Emergency contacts
Medical conditions
Name and address

Medical Alert Jewelry Save Lives

With some med alert bracelets, the medical professional caring for you calls a toll-free number for access to your medical information. It’s important that your Medical Alert Jewelry contains necessary information so that a doctor does not give you a medication or treatment that would impact your health.

Medical ID Bracelets are Affordable

Many elderly people avoid medical emergency bracelets thinking they are too expensive. Stores like Wal-Mart sell digital bracelets for under $25. These waterproof varieties include a USB flash drive with room for up to six pages of medical information. You link your bracelet up to a computer; enter your personal information in the privacy of your own home and save the form.

If a medical emergency occurs, an EMT or hospital physician simply plugs in the flash drive to a hospital computer and they have critical information available.

Other bracelets include your critical medical information on the back of the engraved bracelet. If a medical professional spots one, he can quickly access the information by reading the text.

Medical Alert Jewelry

What to Look for in a Medical Alert Jewelry

You want a medical emergency bracelet with a thick band that does not easily break. Look for hard metals that do not rust or tarnish--gold and stainless steel are great options.

Most importantly, your med alert bracelet must be comfortable. Stainless steel bracelets provide durability and many come with a stretch band ensuring a snug, comfortable fit. You do not want a bracelet that will easily slip off your wrist.

A medical emergency bracelet should be waterproof, especially if you enjoy swimming or boating. Check to see if computer storage of your medical files is included, this is the safest way to guarantee medical professionals have everything they need.

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