Bath Lift Chair - Aquatec Beluga Bath Lifts

Discover the features and benefits to the Aquatec Beluga bath lift. A bathtub chair lift assists the elderly and disabled by helping lift them in and out of the tub water.

Rather than be forced to always take a shower, the bath seat lift sits even the edge of the tub. When the bather is firmly settled on the seat, the chair lowers through a push of the button. When the bath is over, the user pushes the control button again and the chair rises back up to edge of the tub.

It's the easiest way for a person with mobility issues to get in and out of the tub without having to struggle or risk a painful fall. With the addition of some grab bars, the bathtub becomes an extremely safe haven for a relaxing bath.

Design of the Aquatec Beluga Bath Lift

The Aquatec Beluga bath lift uses a scissor lift design that sinks as low as 2 ½ inches from the tub floor. The scissor lift uses a battery-powered mechanism powered through a floating hand control. A fully charged battery provides more than 20 lifts. When the battery is low, simply recharge it and you're good to go.

While some chairs can run out of battery while you're using the chair lift, the Aquatec Beluga bath lift has a special safety feature that prevents the bath seat from lowering if the battery is getting low. There's no way the user will end up stuck in a tub full of water.

The bath lift seat has suction cup feet to keep the bathtub chair lift in place throughout your bath. Users really relax thanks to the reclining hair back and machine washable cover.

Options for the Aquatec Beluga Bath Lift

If you have one of the wider jacuzzi tubs, Aquatec Beluga bath lift makes a wider chair. This ensures you'll never have to struggle to get on and off a chair if you're using it in a jetted bath tub.

Purchase a rotary seat for your Aquatec Beluga bath lift. The seat pivots so that the user can spin into a preferred position once seated on the bath seat lift.

If you have a deeper tub, consider the height adapter plug. This adds inches to your bath chair lift so that those with higher tub rims can still get in and out with ease.

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