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Bath benches provide a compact, yet durable shower seat. The shower benches often fold up for easy storage making it easy for others who do not need the shower seat.

An ADA compliant bath bench must hold up to 250 pounds. There are manufacturers who make bathtub benches that hold up to 500 pounds. Obese individuals will find these bathtub benches to be better options.

Situations Where Bath Benches Prove Useful

Elderly and disabled users find bath benches to be invaluable tools in daily bathing. Rather than have to be stuck taking sponge baths or having someone help bathe you, many can successfully bathe in privacy while enjoying the safety and comfort of a bath chair.

Pregnant women, especially those in the last trimester, often have issues with balance. When you can't see your feet, shaving your legs is impossible unless you have a safe place to sit down.

Those with muscle or bone injuries that cannot stand in a shower will find a bath bench to be incredibly useful. They can sit in comfort while they bathe and eliminate the strain of standing on the good leg or ankle while keeping the other off the ground.

If you suffer from dizzy spells or migraines, a bath tub bench is an important safety device. You can still bathe without risking a fall.

What to Look for in a Shower or Bath Bench

Blow molded plastic construction provides the best security. The plastic seat will not crack and holds excessive weight without issue.

Riveted and welded framing that remains strong after years of use. Rivets eliminate the risk of screws loosening or falling out while in use.

Make sure the height matches the edge of your tub. This ensures the user can easily get on and off the bath tub bench without a struggle. Height adjustable bath benches are even better because the bathtub bench will work in any tub.

Look for bath tub benches that have lifetime warranties. You'll get a lasting chair that provides you with years of comfortable, safe service.

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