Bath Shower Chair - Padded Shower Seat

Enhance the safety of your bathroom bath or shower unit with a bath shower chair. Every year, men and women over the age of 65 suffer serious injuries from a fall in their home. Studies find that many of these injuries include fractures of the hips.

A high percentage of those who fracture their hip require lengthy hospital or nursing home stays while they heal. Many complications arise due to the hip fractures and some never recover at all.

If you add safety features to your bathing area, you can prevent common falls. Grab bars help provide a solid structure that you can grab to stop yourself from falling. Non-slip flooring in the bathtub or shower stall aid you in keeping traction. A shower seat gives you a sturdy place to sit and shave your legs or bath comfortably without risking a fall.

ADA Compliant Bath Shower Chairs

Make sure your bath shower chair is ADA compliant. Per the American with Disability Act regulations, shower chairs must be able to hold at least 250 pounds. Many shower seats hold weight far in excess of this requirement. Premier Bath shower chairs hold up to 555 pounds.

Shower seats should have rubberized feet that grip your shower stall or bath tub flooring. It's essential that the shower seat does not slide while it's being used.

Grab bars should be placed to the side and in front of the bath shower chair. While the user moves to the chair, the grab bars allow the shower seat user to move around. Holding the grab bar adds security and safety to those who have stability issues.

Types of Bath Shower Chairs to Consider

Fold-down shower seats are a great choice for households where there are multiple users. The bath seat folds up out of the way for some but quickly folds down for elderly or disabled users.

Padded shower chair models provide more comfort to the user. The padding keeps the user's bottom from feeling aches or pain while sitting in one spot. Many padded shower chairs also have arm rests to help keep the user on the shower chair or give assistance when getting in and out of the bath or shower.

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