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When bladder or bowel control is an issue, a commode shower chair is the best choice. Often terminal or extremely weak patients lack control of their required bodily functions.

During a shower accidents can occur. With a commode shower seat, those accidents can be quickly cleaned up and disposed of in the toilet where the belong.

Design of a Commode Shower Chair

Commode shower chairs look identical to a standard shower chair, but they add a toilet pail in the center of the seat. The toilet pail has a standard toilet seat and a large bucket to catch waste. The pail is easy to remove and clean.

You'll find a variety of commode shower chair options. Choose from the standard shower chair design, either with or without a back or shower wheelchairs also come with a commode design. There's also a company that designs PVC shower chairs that are larger and hold more weight. These chairs are suitable to obese individuals.

Brands of Shower Seats with a Commode

Eagle Health Bath One Shower and Commode Chair features rubberized suction cups on the bottom of the legs to grip the shower or bath tub floor. The heavy-duty chair has a removable commode pail and supportive back rest. The commode shower chair has adjustable legs and can be used out of the shower or bath tub in situations where the toilet sits too low to the floor. Simply place it over the toilet after removing the pail.

The Etac Swift Commode and Shower Chair is an adjustable shower seat with numerous height settings. The seat and backrest are padded for comfort and there is a lid that locks into place when the chair is no in use. You can remove the pail and use the chair over your toilet.

Invacare makes a commode shower chair. Their chair holds up to 300 pounds and has padded arm rests that flip out of the way when needed. Position the seat thanks to four different settings for the optimal comfort of the user. Invacare's shower seat can have the pail removed for placement over the toilet helping it double as a safety device over the toilet.

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