Baths for Disabled - Handicap Bathing and Bath Tubs

Shopping for baths for disabled doesn't have to be challenging. According to American Disabled Acts guidelines, look for a bathtub that is wider than normal.

It's also important to leave enough room near the bathing area for a wheelchair or mobility aid.

Types of Baths for Disabled People

Generally, you have two forms of disabled bath tubs. Walk-in tubs for disabled and handicapped individuals provide a tightly sealing door that keeps water in, but once the tub is drained allows you to open a door and walk out. It eliminates that high step over a tub wall that challenges those with impaired mobility.

Walk in bathing areas feature a comfortable seating area and usually have a hand-held shower sprayer for quick showers. Many walk-in tubs feature massage jets for relaxing baths. Best of all, the built-in seat removes any risk of slipping under the water.

Soaking tubs are similar to the standard bath tub found in most tubs. ADA approved bath tubs for disabled people generally are wider. Some have lowered edges making it easier to get in and out of the tub, but it can also alter your bathing water level. Some tubs also come with massage jets.

What You Need in a Handicapped Bathing Area

When shopping for bath tubs for the handicapped, make sure the tub floor has a non-slip surface. ADA approved tubs must have the non-slip feature. If the floor seems slick, add the self-adhesive shower decals that add grip to a shower or bath floor. Most home improvement stores sell them.

If you dislike the stick-on traction decals, purchase a rubberized shower mat. They have suction cups on the bottom that holds the mat in place. A good mat will provide plenty of traction to eliminate slipping and falling.

Your bathing tubs for the disabled and handicapped individuals must have grab bars installed on the wall inside and outside the wall. This is important. Towel bars are simply not strong enough to support the weight of a person who is falling. If the tub for disabled lacks grab bars, make sure you add them.

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