Bathtubs for Elderly - Bath Tub for Disabled

Discover the best bathtubs for the elderly. According to U.S. statistics, 33 percent of senior citizens fall at least once per year.

Twenty percent of the elderly who are injured in a fall will die from their injuries. More than 80 percent of all bone fractures in those aged 65 or older are from falls.

The bathroom is the leading area for fatal falls. The smaller floor space makes it much easier to fall and hit the head. In addition, because bathroom and bathtub floors are usually wet the risk of slipping and falling increases.

Grab Bars Must be Installed in the Bathing Area

During a fall, there are two instinctive reactions. First, you'll grab for something to keep you from hitting the ground. In a bathroom, most people grab for the towel rack. The problem with a towel rack is that it is not designed to withstand the weight of a person. It will pull from the wall.

Grab bars are designed to hold up to 250 pounds. There are some brands that will hold heavier people, but you may have to special order them. Grab bars are anchored into wall studs inside and outside of your bathtubs for the elderly and disabled. If they do slip, they have something to grab hold of. If they simply need extra help getting out of the tub, the grab bar is there to use.

Walk-In Bathtubs for the Elderly

Walk-in tubs are growing in popularity. The tubs fit the space of your old tub, but they are usually taller. The faucet and a hand-held shower head are installed on the edge of the tub. There is a tightly sealing door on the side of the tub that allows you to walk right in. A built-in bathtub seat allows you to sit comfortably while you shower or you can fill the tub up, turn on the massage jets and have a relaxing bath. Best of all, because you're on a seat with arm rests, you won't slide under the water if you start to fall asleep.

ADA Approved Bathtubs for the Elderly

The American Disability Act approves a number of bathtubs. You can shop for them online or in any bath store. These tubs are usually wider, have non-slip flooring and even include features like built-in grab bars and arm rests.

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