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Ensure safe bathing areas with quality elderly showers. The University of Colorado offers some rather startling facts about the elderly and falls.

  • Half of all fatal falls occur involve those 75 or older.
  • More than 9,000 elderly Americans die from falls every year.
  • The most common injury following a fall is a hip fracture.
  • 25 percent of those who fracture a hip die within half a year.
  • 50 percent of elderly who are injured in a fall are moved to a nursing home instead of returning to their own home.

The best way to ensure the health and well-being of an elderly friend, parent or loved one is by improving the safety of the home.

Safety Features on Elderly Showers

First and foremost, every elderly shower stall should have grab bars attached on two walls of the shower. Make sure ADA compliant grab bars are on the back wall of the shower stall and on the wall opposite a shower seat. Grab bars should also be used outside the shower unit to additional support when getting in and out of the shower.

Shower seats are critical for those with mobility issues. ADA approved shower seats provide a safe seating area for bathing when the muscles and joints are too weak or unsteady for minutes of standing.

Non-slip decals or strips are essential for a bath tub or shower floor. Many ADA compliant showers and bath tubs already have non-slip flooring, but many times this flooring can still be slick if there is soap residue. Non-slip decal add an additional layer of safety.

Walk-in bath tubs and barrier-free showers eliminate the step up that is required in traditional tubs and showers. Barrier-free elderly showers also allow the user to go right into the shower in a wheelchair if needed.

Use hand-held shower heads for easier bathing. Hand-held shower heads allow those with minimal flexibility to wash their entire body without having to strain.

Consider placing an alarm or telephone outside of the shower stall. In the event that the bather does slip, that person can quickly call for help.

Where to Find Elderly Showers

A long list of manufacturers create safe showers for the elderly. You can find these showers online or in home improvement stores like Home Depot or Lowes.

Look for built-in features like shampoo organizers, built-in folding shower seats and built-in grab bars. They are key components of a quality elderly shower stall.

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