Folding Shower Chair - Fold Down Shower Seat

Save space in your bathroom with a folding shower chair. There are two folding shower seat designs. One attaches to your bath tub or shower wall and folds down when needed and then is folded back up and secured with a lock or latch when not in use.

The other type folds up, like a folding seat and is easily stored to the side of your tub or shower or in a cupboard where it remains out of the way between use.

What to Shop for with Fold Down Shower Chairs

Always check to see if the fold down shower chair is ADA compliant. The shower seat should hold at least 250 pounds and have welded metal framing for strength.

Non-slip folding shower chair seating is important to keep the user from slipping when the seat is soapy. Non-slip rubberized feet are equally important.

Brands of Folding Shower Chairs

Grab Bar Specialists make a folding tub seat that attaches to your tub wall. When the chair is not in use, simply fold the shower seat portion into the wall mount and latch it securely into place. When you need to use the chair, slide the latch, drop the seat portion and the chair is ready to go. It holds up to 400 pounds and is extremely handy because it is always in the bath tub and ready to go.

Invacare Corporation makes a simplistic folding shower chair that costs under $50. The shower chair has slots in the seat that allows water to quickly drain away during a bath or shower. Rust-proof aluminum framing holds up to 250 pounds. The legs have rubberized feet that grip the shower or bath floor for safety. When your bath or shower is done, the chair folds up into a compact form that is easily stored.

Seachrome Shower makes fold down shower seat models that attach securely to your shower or bathtub wall. The stainless steel framing holds up to 400 pounds. The seat folds up into the wall frame when not in use and then folds down during baths or showers. The slatted fold down shower seat is crafted from teak and resists water.

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