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Discover benefits to handicap accessible showers. Learn more about the brands on the market and their features.

Handicapped accessible shower units are wide open and have lower shower base rims. Their width and lack of a ridge make it easy for those with disabilities to move from a wheelchair or walker onto a shower seat. Some handicapped accessible showers fit a wheelchair so that you can wheel yourself directly into the shower.

Different Handicap Accessible Shower Styles

There are four different styles of handicap accessible showers on the market.

  • Bathtub Replacement
  • Corner Stall
  • 42 to 54 Inch Handicap Accessible Shower Stalls
  • 60 and 72 Inch Handicap Accessible Shower Stalls

Bathtub replacement showers are designed to replace your current bathtub. While most shower stalls have a drain in the center of the floor, a bathtub replacement shower places the drain on the end where a standard tub drain is located. You won't need to move your pipes with this form of handicapped accessible shower.

Corner handicap accessible showers are designed to fit into a corner of your bathroom. They usually range in size from 42 to 61 inches. You get a unit with two shower walls and then the rest of the shower is open towards the room. Adding a corner shower unit curtain keeps the water from spraying out to the rest of the bathroom.

42 to 54 inch handicap accessible shower stalls are designed for smaller rooms. The ADA requires all handicapped accessible showers to be at least 36 by 36 inches. This leaves plenty of room for a shower chair or wheelchair, as well as providing room to shift around as needed.

The full size 60 or 72 inch handicap accessible shower stalls are huge and have plenty of room for a full-sized wheelchair. The shower stalls are open on one side leaving a large opening for the user to maneuver in and out of the tub.

Manufacturers that Make Handicap Accessible Shower Stalls

If you're looking for a handicap accessible shower unit, these companies offer exceptional models.

ADA Handicap Showers are ADA compliant with low thresholds. As options, you can add a weighted shower curtain, ADA compliant bath seats and heavy-duty grab bars.

Barrier Free handicap accessible shower units. The roll-in showers are ADA certified and feature built-in grab bars.

Praxis Gel Coat handicap accessible shower stalls have a textured floor and three year warranty. The showers feature built-in grab bars and storage for shampoo bottles and soap. Optional track-less shower doors are a possibility.

Premier Showers sold by Premier Care feature incredible benefits including regulated water temperatures, built-in shower seats, grab rails and easy to clean surfaces. They come in a variety of models and sizes making it easy to find the perfect shower for your current living space.

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