Invacare Bath Bench, Chair and Seat

Invacare bath products make bathing easier. Invacare sells a line of bath transfer chairs, bath/shower chairs and grab bars.

Don't risk your safety when it's bath time. Instead, protect yourself or your loved ones with quality bathroom safety accessories.

Seventy percent of all accidents within the home occur in the bathroom. A simple fall is rarely simple because the bathroom is home to a hard toilet, sink and bathtub. Studies find that adding grab bars, non-slip rugs and tub/shower surfaces and shower seats make a bathroom much safer for someone with limited mobility.

Invacare Bath Transfer Benches

Invacare bath transfer benches make it easier to move in and out of the bathtub. The heavy-duty benches have rubber feet that grip the floor, grab bars and a removable backrest. With an arm rest on one side, the user simply slides to the edge that is even to the tub and then shifts onto a shower or bath chair. Additional grab bars in the tub will help with the transfer.

Crafted from strong plastic and rust-proof aluminum, the bath transfer benches hold up to 400 pounds and come with a three-year or lifetime warranty depending on the model selected.

Invacare Bath and Shower Chairs

Invacare bath and shower chairs have rust-free aluminum or plastic legs, drain holes and an ergonomic design. The rubberized feet grip the bathtub or shower floor so that the chair will not slip.

The full line of Invacare bath and shower chairs offer adjustable legs allowing you to match the chair's height to the side of the tub. Models come with or without backrests. In addition, you can get padded or unpadded bath chairs.

Folding Invacare shower chairs fold up for easy storage. These chairs feature the same benefits as the bath chairs, including non-slip rubberized feet, drain holes and an ergonomic design.

Pay close attention to the model specifications before choosing your model. While Model #9872 comes with a lifetime warranty, it also only holds 250 pounds. Weights in excess of 250 pounds will void the warranty. Meanwhile, Model #9781 holds up to 400 pounds and offers the same warranty.

Invacare Bathroom Grab Bars

Invacare bathroom grab bars are popular items. One of their greatest products is the tub bar. It's a solid grab bar that clamps onto the tub wall. Protective pads ensure the clamping mechanism doesn't scratch your tub. The tub wall grab bar holds up to 250 pounds and comes with a three-year warranty.

There are two other Invacare grab bar models. They come in a variety of lengths, ranging from 12 to 32 inches. The knurled chrome bars support up to 250 pounds and feature a knurled pattern that helps prevent wet hands from slipping. The firm-grip grab bars have a vinyl coating that your fingers grip comfortably and securely. It's important to note that these two models are not ADA compliant.

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