Premier Shower - Handicapped Showers for Disabled

Premier Showers are designed by Premier baths, a company that popularized the walk-in bath. Explore their handicap shower units.

The Premier Care easy access showers make showering easy for any elderly or handicapped bather. With cushy shower chairs, heavy-duty grab bars and folding shower doors leading the way, the beneficial features are plentiful.

Premier Bath's Inspire Shower System

Premier Bath offers the Inspire Easy Access shower that's loaded with safety features. Start with the multi-level grab bars. They are in perfect proximity to the padded folding shower seat. In addition, you get two shower heads. One is hand-held and the other is wall mounted. Switch between them both as needed. The hand-held shower head is on a riser bar that is easy to lower and raise as needed.

The padded shower seat is comfortable, even for long showers, and holds up to 555 pounds. Arm rests add additional safety and also give you something to support yourself as you move on and off of the shower seat.

Other beneficial features include the built in soap and shampoo holders. All of your bathing products are within easy reach of the shower seat. Best of all, the tempered glass door folds out of the way so you can easily get in and out of the shower while the watertight doors keep water from reaching your bathroom floor.

The low-entry Premier Bath Inspire Shower system is available in 48 and 60 inch models.

Premier Bath's Refresh Shower System

The Premier Bath Refresh Shower unit provides a barrier free shower experience. It includes two brushed steel grab bars for safety and the padded shower chair features arm rests and holds up to 555 pounds.

The Refresh Easy Access Shower has folding shower screens that provide a contemporary look to any bathroom. There are two Delta shower heads. One is fixed to the shower wall and the other is on a stainless steel riser that allows you to easily adjust the hand-held shower head's height.

The Refresh shower stall is available in 48 and 60 inch models making it a perfect choice for a tub replacement.

Benefits to the Premier Bath Shower Units

Both Premier shower stall units are ADA compliant. You're treated to a safe shower that blends perfectly into any modern bathroom. Grab bars and padded shower seats are standard in both showers. In addition, non-slip flooring and easy to open shower screens and doors keep water off the bathroom floor.

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