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Enhance the safety of your home with Safety Tubs bathtubs and showers. Almost 90 percent of non-fatal falls in your home occur in the bathroom.

Adding just a few safety accessories drastically increases the risk of harming yourself before, during and after bathing.

Safety Tubs sells an entire line of acrylic bath tubs, gelcoat walk-in tubs, safety showers and accessories. They're perfect for the elderly or disabled and even great in homes where you simply believe safety should come first.

Many Safety Tubs models come with air jets that create massaging bubbles for your feet, legs and back while you bathe. Controls allow you to turn jets on and off to meet your needs. Simply massage your legs or go for a full body massage by changing the settings. The air jets work via a hidden pump that is incredibly quiet.

Qualities of Acrylic Safety Tubs

Safety Tubs acrylic walk-in bath tubs come in a variety of sizes:

  • 48x28x38 inches
  • 51x26x37 inches
  • 51x30x37 inches
  • 60x32x32 inches
  • 60x32x37 inches

All walk-in tub models offer a comfortable bath seat, stain-resistant surface and high gloss finish. The walk-in tubs are designed to avoid fading, chipping and cracking. The door is heavily sealed to eliminate any possibility of leaks. In fact, there is a lifetime guarantee on the watertight door seal. Non-slip flooring and grab bars are standard on all tubs. Hand-held shower heads are optional on many models.

Qualities of Gelcoat Safety Tubs

Safety Tubs gelcoat walk-in tubs also come in a variety of sizes. They include:

  • 48x28x38 inches
  • 52x30x42 inches
  • 54x30x38 inches
  • 60x30x37 inches

Models include watertight doors, comfortable bath seats and massage jets. The walk-in tubs come with a self-cleaning system that keeps the water jets sanitized. Grab bars and non-slip flooring are standard. The gelcoat construction is durable and guaranteed for five years. The non-staining surface is easy to keep clean and resists fading, chipping and cracking.

The gelcoat walk-in tubs also have a patented Minute Drain system that empties the tub in under a minute. Once your bath is done, you'll be able to open up the door in little time.

All bath controls are within easy reach. You won't bend or stretch to drain or fill the tub or change the whirlpool bath settings. Safety Tubs are built to make bath time fun, easy and incredibly safe.

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