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Seabridge Bath provides a decent variety of walk-in tubs and safety accessories. The baths have been sold since the 1990s for the elderly and disabled.

There is a growing number of homes who are adding walk-in tubs to their homes due to the safety features and massage therapy abilities.

All walk-in tubs are equipped with grab bars and bath seats. Larger faucets ensure the tubs fill quickly. The bathtubs also have two drains so that you don't have to wait a lengthy amount of time before you can open the door.

Seabridge Bath Models and Features

Seabridge Bath sells a variety of walk-in tubs. They include:

  • Cameo
  • Classic
  • Majestic
  • Paradise
  • Paramount
  • Universal
  • Victorian

The dimensions vary. For the Classic, you can bet it in 48 to 72 inch lengths. The height is 36 or 38 inches depending on your flooring, width is standard at 27.5 inches.

The Universal has a 60 inch model that is suitable to those needing wheelchair transfer. The Majestic has a Power Lift System. Most of the Seabridge Bath walk-in tubs have extension boxes that increase their length to 72 inches. You'll find it easy to fit these tubs into your current bath tub's site.

Features of the Seabridge Bath Tubs

All Seabridge Bath tubs have antibacterial tub surfaces. Non-slip flooring keeps you safe while the contoured seating is comfortable enough for long soaks.

The watertight door seal has a lifetime warranty and the door's latching mechanism is guaranteed problem-free for five years. The bath shell is warrantied for five years and air jets come with a year warranty.

As options, you can have a floor to ceiling pole installed outside the bath tub door for extra security. ADA compliant shower valves and grab bars are standard. The tubs are equipped with a hot water protection system that prevents exposure to scalding water.

Hydrotherapy tubs use warm air to create effervescent bubbles rather than using water jets. The air vents are anti-microbial and controlled through a touch pad for easy operation.

The door opens and closes easily with the push of a palm control knob. There are no levers or handles to operate.

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