Day Spa Treatments - Facials, Cellulite, Mud

Spa treatments are wonderful for the body and mind. Whether you have the time and budget for a one-hour pedicure, or a full day of head to toe pampering, a spa treatment will improve your quality of life.

There is a growing selection of body spa treatments for both relaxation and beauty. You may pick and choose from a sort of physically and mentally nourishing menu of health spa treatments such as massages, hydrotherapies, body wraps, facials, manicures, pedicures and more.

Most spa treatments have their foundation in ancient history, while others are the latest in technology. Select your favorite treatment, or enough to fill an entire week! It is up to you, your timeframe and budget.

If you have access to the internet, an extremely comprehensive resource is the Spa Finder® website. There you can search for spas by geographic area, type of treatment, spa resorts or day spas and more. You will also find helpful and timely information on each spa, including pictures and directions.

Spa Treatments

Day spas traditionally offer full-day and half-day spa treatment packages, as well as "a la carte" treatments, for you to select from throughout your stay. Knowing a little about health spa treatments ahead of time will help you in your selection process.

To make your body spa treatment more enjoyable, and for your safety and well-being, spas discourage alcohol consumption prior to, during or immediately after a treatment. They also suggest that you not shave immediately prior to, or expose yourself to sun immediately following, any skin care treatment.

Day Spa Treatments:

  • Hot Stone Massage - hot stones are placed on stress filled areas of the body
  • Deep Tissue Massage - A full body massage designed to reach the deeper tissue structure of the body. Recommended only for individuals who receive massage on a regular basis.
  • Reflexology - A unique massage of the feet and hands that incorporates the corresponding reflex points of the body, restoring energy and promoting stress relief.
  • Swedish Massage - A traditional massage completely customized. You discuss your needs with the therapist and he or she will design a massage to alleviate your symptoms and promote relaxation.
  • Aromatherapy Massage - A light pressure point massage incorporating fragrances of essential oils.
  • Hydrotherapy - Offers the healing effects of warm water, often incorporating salts and essential oils. A perfect treatment for sore muscles, the experience will detoxify your body and relax your mind.
  • Milk Bath - This treatment combines the relaxing properties of hydrotherapy with the moisturizing benefits of milk. It will leave your body relaxed and your skin moisturized.
  • Body Wrap - Enjoy being wrapped in the warmth of linens steamed in a fragrant blend of natural herbs. This treatment usually starts with a hydrotherapy treatment and concludes with a shower. It does a wonderful job of detoxifying and moisturizing.
  • Body Polish - Using a body buff and essential oils, the therapist will gently exfoliate your skin, leaving you silky soft.
  • Hand Treatment - Wonderfully smelling lotions are used by the therapist as they massage your hands.
  • gbropean Facial - Designed after facials given at the early gbropean-style spas, your skin will receive a deep cleansing treatment and mask, a cold pack to tighten and tone, and a moisturizing treatment to replace all the vital nutrients everyday life takes out. A pressure point massage, focusing on the chest, neck and back are also included.
  • Scalp Therapy - Developed to treat the hair and nourish the scalp, a blend of botanical extracts and emulsifiers are used in this therapy.
  • Spa Pedicure - Traditionally starts with a foot soak and exfoliation, followed by a moisturizing massage from knee to toe and ending with a polish application.
  • Spa Manicure - Starts with a soak and exfoliation, followed by a moisturizing massage from elbow to nails and ending with a shaping and polishing of the nails.

Additional day spa treatments frequently offered are hairstyling from cuts to full perms, as well as waxing and makgbp application. You will not only look great after your day spa treatment, but you will feel great too.


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