Bernafon Hearing Aids - Chronos, Verite, Veras, Neo, Icos

Using quality Swiss engineering, Bernafon hearing aids provide optimal solutions for hearing difficulties. Bernafon provides a wide range of hearing aids suitable to those with limited hearing, regardless of the stage of hearing loss.

Trust in Bernafon hearing aid solutions to provide today's greatest technology in a tiny package.

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Bernafon Hearing Aids Meet All Levels of Hearing Los

Enjoy a variety of Bernafon hearing aids. Several styles are available including Completely-in-the-ear-Canal, Canal, In -the-Ear or Behind-the-Ear models. Models include:

  • WIN : Base model suited for mild to medium hearing loss complaints.
  • NEO: Mid-range model that's affordable but packed with modern technology including FM compatibility, directional microphone technology and patented Soft Noise Management.
  • AVANTI: Incorporates today's hottest technology into a tiny hearing aid. Adaptive Noise Reduction technology keeps feedback and background sounds to a minimum. Models also include remote control function for changing settings.
  • XTREME : Suitable to those with higher levels of hearing loss. Includes digital signal processing and phase cancellation technologies to improve sound quality and reduce feedback and background noise. Bluetooth compatibility allows you to connect the hearing aid directly to devices like your TV or iPod.
  • PRIO : Custom fit device that automatically adjusts to settings that match the environment you're in. Remote control function is available for an extra charge.
  • MOVE : In essence, the MOVE Bernafon hearing aid is like a miniature computer. It is constantly analyzing your surroundings to customize sound levels and amplification. Technology includes settings for music, telephone, television, computer and for auditorium to customize your hearing based on what you are listening to.
  • BRITE : The award-winning rounded design ensures a comfortable fit in the ear canal. Colorful hearing aids allow you to customize the look to match your personal style.
  • ICOS : Includes patented Life Driven technology that adapts to every listening situation including traffic, outdoors, quiet conversations and crowds.
  • VERITE : Available in 15 different colors. Includes SoundGate technology that turns your hearing aid into a wireless headset for hands-free telephone conversations.
  • VERAS : The latest Bernafon hearing aid. This model includes patented ChannelFree digital technology that adjusts sound levels 20,000 times per second. Bluetooth compatible.

In-depth Examinations Determine the Best Hearing Aid

Because Bernafon hearing aids come in a variety of models, it's important to get the best hearing aid for your needs. Bernafon hearing care professionals run a number of tests to determine your level of hearing loss. The process requires a few appointments to fully gauge your hearing disability.

First Appointment : During this appointment, you'll answer questions about your hearing loss. Some cases of hearing loss simply occur because of ear wax build up. This is easily fixed by a quality ear wash. A hearing test will determine the softest frequencies you're able to hear and an audiogram maps this information. Once this information is available, possible hearing aid models are selected. Finally, a cast of your ear canal is made to ensure the best fit of the hearing aid you choose.

Second Appointment: When your Bernafon hearing aid is ready, you'll return to the qualified hearing specialist's office for your fitting. The hearing aid is inserted and you'll be instructed on how to use and care for your new hearing assistance device. A new hearing test will be performed to make any last minute sound adjustments.

Third Appointment: After you've worn the hearing aids for a couple weeks, you'll return once more. During this appointment, you'll discuss your experience with the hearing aid. If there are still sound issues, additional tweaking is performed. Many of the Bernafon hearing aids can be adjusted using a computer for optimal fine tuning.

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