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Educate yourself about hearing aid devices, including hearing aids costs. Technology is constantly improving hearing aids. With the advancements comes more competition and that helps drive down prices.

In a 2004 study by MarkeTrak, they found the average price of a hearing aid to be a little under $1,400. This expense is usually out of your own pocket. The actual hearing aid costs depend on the level of hearing loss and model that best suits your needs.

Start with a Professional Hearing Exam

Before choosing any hearing aid device, visit your doctor for an in-depth hearing test. There are more than 30 million Americans dealing with hearing loss. In some situations, the hearing loss is simply a case of ear wax, fluids or another obstruction blocking your hearing. These situations can be remedied. About 1 in 3 cases are due to exposure to excessively loud noise, hearing aids will help these people.

During your hearing exam, your doctor will view the interior of your ear to look for blockages and defects in the shape of your ear. Once this is done, you'll undergo an audio test to see what frequencies you can hear. The audio test usually incorporates a few different tests:

  • Bone Conduction tests vibrate the mastoid bone in your inner ear using beeps to see which tones you notice.
  • Pure Tone Air Conduction tests involve audible beeps at different frequencies that reduce in volume.
  • Speech Discrimination tests involve a short phrase spoken at normal levels and you repeat what you've heard.
  • Speech Reception tests have you listening to two-words spoken at different volumes to determine which you can and cannot hear.

This helps the doctor determine the best hearing aid for your needs. During this time, you can also pinpoint the best hearing aid prices for your budget.

Be Cautious of Free Exam Restrictions

Many companies will perform a free hearing exam. This is a great way to save on your hearing aid costs. However, be sure to ask if the free hearing loss exam has any restrictions. Some companies will charge you if you do not purchase a hearing aid from them that same day. These companies also often refuse to let you have the results of your test to compare hearing aids prices against other brands.

Technology Impacts Hearing Aids Costs

Today's technology is creating optimal sound quality without feedback or intrusive background noise. You'll find that with more competition, hearing aids prices are often lower than expected.

Hearing aids prices range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. If you know a few tricks, you can save even more.

Getting Hearing Aids Prices that Match Your Budget

Just make sure you get a full hearing loss examination completed first. Once you have this information, you can compare prices and styles at different companies. Use these hearing aids price costs comparisons to get companies to lower their prices.

Many leading hearing aid companies want your business. They'll often knock hundreds of dollars off their prices to match their competition. Get hearing aids prices in writing and then use this information to get your desired hearing aid at a discount.

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