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Learn how Widex Diva Senso hearing aids change your life. Discover the many benefits to Widex hearing aids, including their popular Diva Senso hearing aid models.

Hearing loss affects both you and those around you. You become frustrated when your unable to hear conversations and your friends and family sense that frustration. Having the best hearing aids allow you to never miss a thing when you're out with friends, in a hectic business meeting or on the phone.

Schedule a Thorough Hearing Examination

Losing your hearing doesn't have to be embarrassing. Don't let that keep you from visiting a qualified audiologist. Some cases of hearing loss are caused by blockages in your ear. The blockage may be caused by ear wax, foreign objects or repeat ear infections. Simple hearing loss issues of this nature are reversible with medical treatment.

If your hearing loss is more significant, the best hearing aids can help restore some frequencies you are unable to hear. Your doctor will steer you to the best hearing aids styles and manufacturers. You'll quickly find that Widex hearing aids are frequently recommended.

Benefits to Widex Diva Senso Hearing Aids

The Senso Diva is a fully-automated, digital hearing aids device. Your situation is ever changing. Moving from a crowded restaurant to a quiet car shouldn't require you to take out your hearing aids, adjust settings and then replace them. With Widex Diva Senso hearing aids, the volume adjustment is done automatically without you having to make any adjustments.

With four unique styles, the Senso Diva hearing aid line ensures you get the style that best suits your individual hearing aid needs. Learn more about the different models below.

Features of the Senso Diva Hearing Aids Line

There are four series of Widex Diva Senso hearing aids available.

  • SD-9 : Fully digital BTE for mild to moderate/severe hearing loss.
  • SD-19 : Digital BTE for mild to severe hearing loss. Models recommended for children.
  • SD-CIC : Completely-in-the-canal hearing aids for mild to moderate/severe hearing loss.
  • SD-X : Digital ITE or ITC hearing aids for mild to moderate/severe hearing loss.

Discover all you've been missing with Widex Diva Senso hearing aids. There's a full world waiting and you don't have to let your hearing loss keep you from enjoying it.

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