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Miracle Ear hearing aids improve your lifestyle. Learn how these popular hearing aids have helped thousands gain confidence in a crowd, on the phone or during business meetings. Modern technology blends with comfortable hearing aids allowing you to hear clearly for the first time in ages.

Get a free hearing test when you visit a Miracle Ear hearing aids office. A hearing loss expert will perform advanced hearing loss tests to pinpoint the exact tones and frequencies you hear. Once this information is compiled, you'll discuss your budget and the best hearing aids for your specific hearing loss.

What Causes Hearing Loss

Miracle Ear is so specific about running hearing tests before matching you with hearing aids for good reason. Not every case of hearing loss is a permanent problem. Abnormalities of the inner ear and blockages from ear wax, fluids, perforation of the ear drum or even scar tissue can cause hearing deficiencies.

This temporary form of hearing loss, called Conductive Hearing Loss, is restored with a simple visit to an ear specialist. Once the ear wax, fluid, scar tissue or abnormality is repaired, you'll hear again.

Sensorineural hearing loss is the more common form of hearing loss requiring Miracle Ear hearing aids. It is caused by damage to the nerve endings in the inner ear. Nerve endings may be damaged by exposure to overly loud sounds, such as listening to music over headphones at unsafe volumes, aging, illness, head trauma or even repeat use of certain medications.

Available Miracle Ear Hearing Aids Styles and Models

Miracle Ear hearing aids come with a few extras that other companies overlook. With a pair of Miracle Ear hearing aids, you're entitled to:

  • 1, 2 or 3 year warranties, depends on the model
  • Free annual hearing checks
  • Free hearing aid adjustments and cleanings
  • Free office visits

When you research the different Miracle Ear hearing aids, you'll find you have many options. Miracle Ear offers the following styles:

  • BTE hearing aids
  • CIC hearing aids
  • ITE hearing aids
  • RIC hearing aids

Technology Found in Miracle Ear Hearing Aids

Technological advancements ensures high quality in all Miracle Ear hearing aids. All of their hearing aids use digital sound. Even the models with the lowest hearing aids prices include features such as wind noise reduction, feedback reduction and low battery alert.

Upper-tier hearing aid models add speech enhancement, programmable functions, remote control operation and automatic volume control that adjusts volumes to match the hearing aid users environment.

Miracle Ear hearing aids are one of the leading brands for good reason. With superior warranties, outstanding sound quality and current technology, you are spending your money on a pair of hearing aids that will last.

Manufactured by Miracle Ear (1-800-761-3103)

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