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Discover the joy of hearing with a Siemens digital hearing aid. Using their patented BestSound technology, Siemens hearing aids ensure rich, vibrant sound quality no matter where you are.

Impressive Siemens Digital Hearing Aid Technology

BestSound technology incorporates a series of different technological advancements into their digital sound processors found withing your Seimans digital hearing aid.

  • FeedbackStopper: Program that calculates when feedback is likely to occur and removes it before it causes the squealing and whistling that others may hear.
  • SoundLearning 2.0 : Programming that automatically pinpoints where you are so that volume levels are set accordingly.
  • SpeechFocus : Directional microphone automatically tunes into to conversations behind you in crowded locations so that you don't miss anything.

Enjoy a Range of Siemens Digital Hearing Aid Products

Siemens digital hearing aid products come in a wide variety, including models using their older technology and the most advanced hearing aids available.

  • Centra (Water-resistant, rechargeable hearing aids)
  • Intuis (Low cost hearing aids)
  • Motion (Automated hearing aids for mild to severe hearing loss)
  • Nitro (Best choice for extreme hearing loss)
  • Phoenix One (Low cost hearing aids)
  • Pure (Tiny RIC hearing aids)
  • Siemens Explorer (Hearing aids for children)
  • Siemens Life (Automated hearing aids for mild to moderate hearing loss)

Talk to a Siemens hearing loss professional to discuss which model and style best suits your specific needs. Siemans hearing aid devices are designed to exceed the expectations of those with hearing loss. These are definitely not your average hearing aid.

Is Your Hearing Loss Truly Permanent?

Before looking into a quality Siemans digital hearing aid, visit a medical professional for a thorough hearing test. While many cases of hearing loss are permanent, there are situations where an ear infection, wax build up, cyst or tumor within the middle ear cause hearing loss. These cases are all correctable.

At the hearing loss professional's office, you will undergo a series of hearing tests. These simple audio tests require you to listen to tones and signal when you can hear the sound. They take a matter of minutes and provide the audiologist with an accurate picture of the frequencies you can and cannot clearly hear. This information helps pinpoint the best hearing aids for your specific situation.

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