Sonic Earz Hearing Aids - Bell and Howell Hearing Aid Digital Technology

Bell and Howell's Sonic Earz provide amplification of sounds. Simply purchase this hearing aid device online or through mail order, and your answers to mild hearing loss issues are resolved quickly and inexpensively.

Sonic Earz comes in two models: Sonic Earz and Sonic Earz Silver XL. With a $15 MSRP, the hearing aid units are far cheaper than traditional hearing aids. Choose the right model for your needs and get started hearing sounds you've missed.

Bell and Howell History

Bell and Howell's origins go back to the 1920's when they created a movie camera. Their love of electronics continued over the years as they created full color film (1937), the phonograph (1950) and the Apple II Plus computer (1979.)

They've won the Oscar. They've built and designed quality digital cameras, computer watches, projection screens and more. One of their newer inventions is the Sonic Earz hearing aid device.

Sonic Earz by Bell and Howell Hearing Aid Unit

Sonic Earz is a lightweight unit that runs on one AAA battery. Sounds as far as 60 feet away are amplified by the behind the ear unit. It clips over your ear and projects amplified sounds directly into your left or right ear.

Because it has a volume control, you can adjust the unit to match your environment. Sounds are amplified at levels as high as 50 decibels.

Silver XL Sonic Earz Design and Function

Bell and Howell knows that many people dread using hearing aids because they're embarrassed by the look. Bell and Howell Sonic Earz Silver XL resemble a Bluetooth head set. Adjustable volume controls and an on/off switch allow you to select the settings that best matches your personal needs.

Sonic Earz Silver XL provide you with rechargeable batteries, so while you sleep, simply plug your Sonic Earz hearing aid by Bell and Howell into the wall adapter and you're fully charged by morning.

Other benefits include:

  • Sound amplification picks up sounds from 90 feet away
  • Extra soft ear tips for a customized fit
  • Fully adjustable so that you use the unit on either ear

Tips for Using Sonic Earz by Bell and Howell

When using Sonic Earz or Sonic Earz Silver, remember that it amplifies every sound. There is no technology to block out background noise. Some people find background noises to be distracting.

Battery life is reasonable, far better than a traditional hearing aid. However, there is no battery life indicator. You should keep extra batteries on hand if you are using the base model Sonic Earz.

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