Vivatone Hearing Aids - Hearing Aid Digital Technology

Discover the numerous benefits to Vivatone hearing aids. The slim design fits easily into any ear canal eliminating the necessity for fittings.

Best of all, technology used in Vivatone hearing aids is top-notch. You'll enjoy the sound quality and lasting performance.

Based out of Oklahoma, SeboTek Hearing Systems provides exceptional hearing aids. They're virtually invisible. Only you know you're using a hearing assistance device.

Same Day Hearing Aid Delivery

With Vivatone open ear hearing aids, you don't need to have a cast of your ear canal made. Sure, you still have to undergo hearing tests, but that's for your benefit. The more accurate your actual hearing levels are, the better the match to a quality hearing aid.

As soon as your hearing tests are complete, you'll be matched to the ideal model and shown how to use it immediately. You'll walk away hearing sounds clearly that same day. If you need a follow-up appointment, that's fine. Most people find their hearing aid matches the specific needs perfectly, so fine tuning is rarely necessary.

Modern Technology is Only the Beginning

With Vivatone hearing aids, users are treated to leading technology. The completely open design is something you'll find only with Vivatone. The receiver is incredibly narrow and slim so that you'll never notice it's there. This allows natural sounds to blend with the amplified sounds creating a completely natural auditory experience.

The patented Automatic Feedback system prevents feedback. The technology constantly scans frequencies to prevent feedback before it occurs.

Entre Plus Versus Prelude Vivatone Hearing Aid Models

Entre Plus Vivatone hearing aids run on 12 programmable bands. It's the smallest of Vivatone's hearing aids and stores four memory settings for sound controls. Benefit from four color choices: Beige, Champagne, Charcoal and Silver. Battery life on the Entre Plus hearing aids lasts about 80 hours.

Prelude Vivatone hearing aids run on 6 programmable bands with one memory setting. The hearing aids include advanced digital processing, automatic feedback cancel and extended battery life of 90 hours. You get two color options on the Prelude Vivatone hearing aids: Beige or Gray.

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