Eating Hypnosis - Hypnotherapy for Eating

Using hypnotherapy for eating is a highly valuable tool. Hypnosis surrounding eating issues helps you to conquer precisely what your problem is through the power of suggestion.


The major player in hypnotherapy is visualization. The second concerns allowing a licensed hypnotherapist to tap into your subconscious. When being hypnotized, through relaxation you drop out of your normal conscious state. By delving into your subconscious, you open your mind to suggestions for better eating. Having an open, willing mind makes all the difference when hypnotherapy comes into play.

Many hypnotherapists will have you visualize both the good and the bad aspects of your weight gain/loss. You will recognize how you currently feel, then how you want to see yourself as healthy and at your ideal weight. You will be prompted to imagining how much better your self confidence will be (i.e. walking into a room and being able to turn heads). This is big because after many times in hypnotherapy, these thoughts will become part of your subconscious. You will not end up overeating as always. You will not end up eating when not hungry. You will not be tempted to splurge on junk food in the grocery store. This new change will not happen overnight, but it will happen soon following the first session.

Other Positives to Hypnotherapy for Eating

Along with receiving hypnotherapy, you must also begin to make a change on the amount of physical activity you do. Once eating healthier, it will be easier to make the step towards doing physical activity again. You will finally begin to feel healthy, and the healthy food in your body will prompt the new activity as a natural response.

Also, when you see other people eating less than healthy food, be happy that you don’t have to eat that way anymore. You will be able to see how poor food choices negatively impacted you, and you wont want to go back.

You will also notice that as you start to change your life over, other key aspects will soon follow. Your confidence will be significantly boosted, and your overall self-worth will increase.

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