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No one should be denied mobility. Today there is a vast selection of mobility aids for individuals of all ages and needs, and to fit every budget. Any one of them could change your, or a loved ones, life.

For someone who has lost their mobility, isolation and depression are not uncommon. The good news is that it doesn't have to be that way. Mobility aids give millions back their freedom, independence and zest for life. If you or a loved one has been avoiding the outside world to an unhealthy degree, choosing to stay inside and watch TV instead of visiting friends, going to church or going shopping, it is time to get your mobility, and your life, back. Here are just a few of your options:


Canes are probably the oldest and most stylish mobility aid.They can be used by individuals of all ages with various locomotor needs.  They are used to increase an individual's stability, to supplement their muscle action or to reduce the load on weight-bearing joints and bones.

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Mobility Scooter

Rolling Walkers and Rollators

Rolling walkers or rollators are ideal for the individual who requires more support than a cane. It is basically a walker with wheels. However, the rolling walker does not require the user to lift up and place the device in front of them for every step. It offers smooth and easy movement.

Mobility Scooter

For the individual who has mobility challenges but wants to maintain an active lifestyle, or the individual with very limited mobility, the electric scooter is ideal. It is a battery-powered 3 or 4-wheeled vehicle for use by one individual. They continue to rapidly grow in popularity.

Lift Chairs

A lift chair is an invaluable piece of furniture for the individual who requires some assistance when sitting down or getting up from a chair. It discreetly waits to assist you, ready when you need it. The chair moves in an arc that mimics the motion of your body as you change from a standing to a seated position, and visa versa.

Additionally, if you have a mobility limitation, the simple task of taking a shower can be overwhelming. But there are wonderful medical devices to help there as well.  Something as simple as a grab bar installed in a shower or next to the commode can prevent a slip and fall accident. Shower chairs and raised toilet seats can also help. More sophisticated products like walk in tubs allow anyone who can use a walker to bath in privacy without assistance. Even adjustable beds, that were once only available to hospitals, are available for home use to help get in and out of bed with ease.

There are so many mobility options out there. All you have to do is visit or call a retailer near you. You can even shop online for the largest selection and most competitive prices. For even better prices, consider purchasing them used. But whatever you do, don't wait another day to get moving and start enjoying your life

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