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Most hospital beds look like a twin bed made of heavy metal with moving parts.

They have movable side rails, as well as hand cranks or electric controls that can change the position of the bed – raising the head or feet. They can be rented at a medical supply store or purchased from a medical supply store or a bed store.

Why do I need a hospital bed?

A hospital bed can be used in the home when someone is ill or has limited mobility. Because the position of the head and feet can be changed it may help the person in bed breathe easier and be more comfortable. Some beds allow you to change the entire height of the bed. This can aid a person with getting in or out of bed, and it can also make it more comfortable for caregivers working with the person in bed. A hospital bed can be manual or electric, but electric beds may be easier for most people to use.

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Hospital Bed

What kind of hospital bed should I use?

When choosing a hospital bed, think of the needs of the person using the bed as well as the needs of any caregivers. The two broadest categories for hospital beds are manual and electric. Once you have made that decision you can then shop for features and price.

The manual hospital bed required you to change bed positions by hand using cranks. However if you are unable to do this on your own, you will need to ask someone to help you. Manual beds may not move to as many positions as an electric bed

An electric hospital bed has a motor and requires an electrical outlet. It is designed with a control pad that is hooked to the bed by an electrical wire. This control pad is much like a TV remote. Each button on the control will have a picture showing how the bed will move when you push the button.

What kind of mattress should I use?

There are several kinds of mattresses available for a hospital bed. Some are filled with air, gel, or even foam. Some are even designed to reduce pressure on certain body areas, and help prevent pressure sores. Your mattress can be purchased or rented at the same store where you buy or rent the bed.

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