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What are the advantages of an electric power chair over a manual wheelchair?  Power chairs give all individuals, regardless of strength or ability, the freedom of movement without assistance.

A power chair can mean true freedom for individuals who are physically unable to propel themselves in a manual wheelchair. But individuals looking for a motorized mobility product are often confused by the variety of products out there. The two that are most often confused are the power chair and the mobility scooter. The differences may appear minor, but they are important.

A power chair is primarily designed for mobility indoors. However, they work quite nicely outside on sidewalks and patios. Motorized scooters on the other hand come in three models; indoor, outdoor or indoor/outdoor.The outdoor scooters can travel on sidewalks, roads and even on rough terrain.

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Electric scooters are designed with three or four wheels and they are steered with a steering mechanism that is out in front of you – a handlebar design much like a bicycle handle. A power chair, on the other hand, usually has six wheels and is steered using a "joy stick". Because of the additional wheels and "joy stick", power chairs offer superior in-home maneuverability and turn on a dime.

Another consideration is size. A power chair is slightly smaller than an electric scooter and is perfect for indoor use. Scooters then to be a bit larger and are much better outdoors than a power chair. Size is definitely a consideration if you have limited space inside your home or if you do not have a lift that will put your power chair in your car or van for you.

These are the basic differences between power chairs and mobility scooters. However, the best way to make your decision is to consult your doctor. He or she will determine if a power chair or scooter is better for you based on your physical needs and limitations. They will also help you to determine if your purchase will be covered, in part or in whole, by your insurance plan.

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