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It is remarkable how electric scooters have given so many the mobility, freedom and independence they would otherwise not have. But how do they get their scooters to places they can't drive them to?  It is easier than you might think.

Scooter lifts & carriers are the convenient and easy way to transport a mobility scooter. They are designed in a variety of styles to fit your scooter and your needs.

It is very important that scooter lifts & carriers be selected carefully and knowledgably. They must be suited to your scooter and your vehicle to ensure safety. For that reason it is essential that you work with a knowledgeable representative of the manufacturer when making your choice.

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Scooter Lift

What is the difference between a scooter lift and a carrier?  A lift actually raises your scooter off the ground for you. Most scooters are too heavy to be comfortably or safely lifted and placed into a vehicle or onto a platform for transporting. A lift will help you to place your scooter into the trunk or the van. In most cases, the lift is actually part of the carrier. It is a carrier that lowers so that you can roll your scooter onto it, and then lifts off the ground for transport.

Handicapped scooter lifts can also be attached to the rear of a motor home or just about any type of vehicle. Most platforms are designed to hold about 325 pounds. Platform size can vary from 26 inches by 45 inches to 28 inches by 60 inches. Many of the lifts can be mounted as side entry or rear entry into a van for instance. Commercial style power lifts will extend from the inside of the van for loading, retract, and automatically park in place.

If you don't have room for your scooter in your trunk or van, then you will require a carrier. A carrier safely and securely carries your scooter outside of your vehicle. It is the best choice for individuals who need to be able to drive their scooters directly off of their carriers. Carriers can be equipped with lifts or ramps that fold down for easy access.

When shopping for scooter lifts & carriers, check the warranty thoroughly. For instance, some companies offer a one-year warranty on parts with a five-year warranty on the motor. Others may offer only a one-year limited warranty. This is the area you will see the largest discrepancies and can quickly separate the reputable companies with those less reputable. If the product is a quality one, the manufacturer will know it, and it will come with a comprehensive warranty. Don't settle get the coverage you are comfortable with.

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