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Pride scooters are manufactured by Pride Mobility Products Corp. which is a world leader in the design, development and manufacturing of mobility products.

Pride also manufactures some of the best power chairs and lift chairs.

A trusted name in mobility scooters since 1986, Pride continues to be a leader in the mobility products industry. For people with mobility needs, Pride scooters deliver freedom, independence and an improved quality of life.

With a dozen different models, pride has a scooter for your needs. Their impressive line of scooters are categorized into Travel, Portable, Mid-Size, Full-Size, Heavy-Duty, and Personal Mobility Vehicle (PMV). Pride scooters are a name you can trust combined with the latest in mobility technology.

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Pride Mobility Scooter

Pride sells through licensed retailers and urges consumers to shop wisely. They are particularly concerned about advertisements from direct manufacturers that are all over the airwaves. These advertisements try to make the consumer believe that there is a large financial benefit to purchasing direct from the manufacturer. It certainly sounds logical because you would assume that buying direct cuts out the middleman and his associated costs.

Don't be fooled!  Research indicates that most people who buy direct from a manufacturer spend more, not less, for their scooters. They can pay up to $1,000 more!   Unscrupulous manufacturers are able to take advantage of consumers because they don't have any idea what a good price is. These unfortunate consumers can end up getting less product for more money. To safeguard yourself from making this mistake, be sure to shop around. Be sure to look at pride scooters, but also look at the competition. Compare product, features and prices. It doesn't take you that much more time, but the savings could be big.

For more information on Pride Mobility Products Corp., pride scooters or a licensed retailer near you, visit their website. They are located at 182 Susquehanna Ave. Exeter, Pa. 18643 (Phone: 1-800-800-8586 Fax: 1-800-800-1636).

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