7 Keto DHEA Supplements - Warnings, Benefits, Side Effects

Although evidence points to the benefits of high levels of DHEA, it should always be used as directed in order to be effective and to reduce the chance of side effects.

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Doctor Blood Test Screens DHEA Side Effects

Before deciding to if you need a DHEA supplement, it is wise to get a blood test from your doctor to determine what your levels of DHEA are. Although statistically they drop as we age, levels can vary greatly from person to person.

Side effects from DHEA are serious and can include:


•  Hair thinning and hair loss, especially in men.

•  Acne problems and oily skin caused by higher levels of testosterone.

•  Virilism in women, which is characterized by a deepening voice, growth of facial hair, clitoral enlargement, and baldness.

•  Could cause breast enlargement and other "feminine" side effects in men.

•  Can increase the risk of ovarian, breast, and prostate cancer with prolonged use.

•  Possibility of prostate enlargement.

•  Can result in anxiety and mood swings.

•  Increased perspiration.

Many of these side effects are caused by the way DHEA acts in the body. For example, it can be converted into testosterone in women, leading to an imbalance that causes masculine traits to become apparent, or it can become estrogen in men, causing feminine traits.

Some doctors theorize that side effects can be reduced by careful use of DHEA. There is sometimes a tendency to overuse steroid hormones in order to achieve results quickly. However, too much DHEA can have adverse effects on the way the body converts it as a hormone, leading to unwanted changes in the body.

Also, when DHEA is introduced into the body, it can become either an estrogen hormone, a testosterone hormone, or remain an androgen, but it is difficult to control the outcome once it is in the blood stream.

However, 7 Keto DHEA is said to have all of the benefits of DHEA without many of the unwanted side effects, such as virilism in women or enlarged breasts in men. It is also said that this is because it has a lower rate of conversion into estrogen or testosterone hormones. Still, many doctors and skeptics claim that results of 7 Keto DHEA studies are biased toward this specific outcome, have study groups that are too limited, or even that too little research has been done that proves the claims 7 Keto DHEA manufacturers make.

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