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DHEA is a steroid hormone that occurs naturally in the body that potentially helps fight off cancer, control the immune system, reduce blood pressure, limit allergic reactions, increase sex drive, among other incredible health benefits.

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Your DHEA Life Cycle

DHEA , or dehydroepiandrosterone, is the most abundant androgenic hormone in the human body, the base for about 90% of the testosterone men create and 75% of the estrogen women make. As the human body ages, the production of this hormone reduces, from about 30 mg at the age of 20 to about six mg at the age of 80, the biggest decline of any biochemical in the human body. This has led to speculation that it can be used as an anti-aging supplement.


Many health studies show that the decrease of DHEA is related to aging, but because so little is known about the function of DHEA in the body, few can pinpoint how DHEA supplements work, if indeed they work at all.

Scientific Research on DHEA

Medical studies on DHEA have shown that there may be a connection to longevity and DHEA levels. For example, a 12 year study of DHEA levels in men between the ages of 50 and 79 showed a greater longevity for men with higher levels of DHEA than those with lower levels. The men with higher levels also enjoyed greater overall health, including less heart disease and cancer.

A 1995 study involving 22 men showed that using 100 mg of DHEA every night for 30 days showed a decrease in serum insulin and a decrease in glucose levels, pointing to a possibility that DHEA may be effective in the treatment of diabetes.

The levels of DHEA also seem to have a correlation to brain function. For example, a very limited study of three Alzheimer's patients showed that they had extremely low levels of DHEA. A similarly low level of DHEA was found in a study of women suffering from breast cancer.

Other Advantages of Dhea

There have also been studies that show evidence high levels of DHEA can decrease diabetes, increase bone density, and, like progesterone, can be useful in hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

There seems to be a correlation between DHEA low levels and an increased risk for diseases associated with aging, but there may be some questions whether DHEA supplementation is the answer.

Although there have been thousands of studies on the effects and benefits of DHEA, human studies are limited. Many of the most promising studies related to DHEA supplements have been conducted on laboratory rats, which produce no DHEA on their own.


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