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Which vitamins and minerals will make the key difference to your health? Can vision and digestion be improved? Is declining skin health and age spots inevitable? How do life changes and hormonal balance impact women and men? Find many answers throughout this site and its related health supplements sections concerning Brain Health, Women's Health, Anti-aging, Bodybuilding and Fat Burners.

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What Are These Vitamins And Minerals?

Each day you lose millions of cells, only to be replaced by new ones. Your entire stomach lining is replaced weekly with fresh new cells and tissues. Your entire skeletal structure is replaced every 6-months. Think about it! What if every new replacement cell was a super-charged and super-healthy one, enriched with the best micro-nutrients? Would you feel a health difference? Absolutely.


Learn how many of our key discoveries regarding micro-nutrients only occurred early in the 20 th century. Identifying individual minerals such as zinc or calcium in terms of their health role at the cellular level created a total revision in our understanding of food.

Rapid industrialization plus mega-business growth strategies moved America towards more standardized and "processed" foods. As we now know, "processing" refines and dramatically lowers vitamin and minerals content. Result? Gradual health declines occur, even while medicines and health care extend our lives.

See how a daily plan of supplemental vitamins and minerals can fill-in the "gaps" created by processed foods and "empty calorie" fast foods.

Which Vitamin To Choose?

If in doubt, pick a high quality multi vitamin based on whole foods. The best multi vitamin supplements will be backed by scientific research showing that your body can rapidly "absorb" or metabolize the micro-nutrients for immediate benefit. Staying diligent once or twice a day and you'll see improvements in your digestion, your immune system will strengthen and you'll get less colds and flus, you'll concentrate better and perhaps be in a better mood for family and work.

Learn about the "energy release" vitamin B group and its ability to "unlock" cellular energy. If you step back and contemplate the "you" within yourself, you'll see that those itsy bitsy single cells are the key to who you are and how you're feeling. See how vitamin B5 , vitamin b6 and vitamin b12 trigger metabolic processes to counter such wide spread ailments such as ADHD, Alzheimer's Disease, Chrone's Disease, anxiety, depression, fatigue, diabetes, epilepsy, canker sores, heart disease, infertility, multiple sclerosis, rosacea, and psoriasis, and more.

Vision health requires daily inputs of vitamins including vitamin A and vitamin C. Meanwhile, adding vitamin D into the mix along with the many major and trace minerals will help your body to re-build bone tissue, enhance skin health, regulate cardio-vascular functioning and much more.

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