Vitamin E - Benefits, Overdose, Side Effects, Facts

One of the most important antioxidants in the diet is E vitamin, a fat soluble vitamin that protects cells from free radical damage.

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The most important function of E vitamin is as an antioxidant. It penetrates and protects fat cells in the body from free radical damage, which has been linked to ageing and illness. E vitamin also protects and enhances the performance of other supplements in the body, including coq10, omega 3 fatty acid, fish oil, and selenium.

Used as a treatment for skin disease like eczema, rosacea, and acne, E vitamin can increase healing time, as well as prevent bacteria that can cause skin problems from entering the cells. Also, vitamin E helps scar reduction and can help diminish wrinkles.

Vitamin E

Food containing vitamin E includes olive and canola oils, spinach, and almonds. For maximum E vitamin absorption, it is best to eat these foods cold or raw, because heat can cause E vitamin to oxidize.

E vitamin supplements are also available, but E vitamin toxicity can be high. 1,000 mg per day is about the highest recommended dose, and much less than that is preferable. For skin care, use a vitamin E cream in conjunction with supplements.

For best results with supplemental e vitamin, take it with another supplement that enhances its performance, such as selenium or alpha lipoic a


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