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Fish oil is one of the few health supplements recommended by a major health association, the American Heart Association, or AHA.

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Fish oil contains the omega 3 fatty acids DHA and EPA, which have been shown to reduce triglyceride levels in the blood, which can reduce the risk of heart attack.

Omega 3 fish oil is taken from the flesh of fatty fish, such as salmon, herring, and sea bass. Because dietary habits have changed over the past century, people are not getting the omega 3 fatty acids they need.

New concerns about mercury contamination in fish have made physicians reluctant to recommend an increase in dietary fish. At the same time, clinical studies are find out many benefits that DHA and EPA have for the body. Many recommend fish oil supplements in place of fish to replenish the body's need for omega 3 fatty acids.


The omega 3 in fish oil has been shown to reduce the levels of triglycerides in the blood. Triglycerides are necessary for the normal function of the human body, but if levels get too high, they can cause heart problems.

Fish oil can also inhibit platelet clotting in the blood, which can also cause heart attacks. Omega 3 fish oil can also reduce the risk of angina, high blood pressure, and arrhythmia, or irregular heartbeats.

In addition to preventing heart disease, omega 3 fish oil can help ease the pain of arthritis. Although omega 3 fatty acid is only slightly different than omega 6 fatty acid, they both work in the body in very different ways. For example, omega 6 promotes inflammation, while omega 3 prevents it.

Studies have shown that people with rheumatoid arthritis taking fish oil supplements for a period of 12 weeks had less stiffness and joint pain. They continued improving while taking the supplements for 18 to 24 weeks.

Other benefits of omega 3 fish oils are:

•  The treatment of Crohn's disease.

•  Inhibiting the effects of Reynaud's disease.

•  Relieving symptoms of lupus, eczema, and psoriasis.

•  Perhaps can prevent breast, colon, prostate, and other cancers.

Although fish oil and cod liver oil are used almost interchangeably, there is a big difference between the two. Cod liver oil contains vitamins A and D, and fish oil does not. Either one can be used for day-to-day supplements.

However, the United States Pharmacopoeia warns that taking cod liver oil for certain therapies may cause vitamin A and D toxicity before reaching the needed amounts of omega 3.

If it is recommended that you take fish oil in high doses, do not substitute cod liver oil, which may cause significant harm when taken in large quantities.


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