Leaf Blowers - Gas, Electric, Cordless, Battery And Vacuum Mulchers

The best leaf blowers make easy work of the “million leaf march” of fall. Convenience, time-saving, reliable electric leaf blowers, cordless leaf blower designs, backpack leaf blowers plus gas leaf blowers give homeowners the leg-up over Mother Nature’s by-products.

Electric Leaf Blowers. The best electric leaf blower designs are all job-focused ... the size of the job like a deck or drive determines the size of the electric leaf blower. Top brands include Toro, Black & Decker and other performance brands..

1. Cord Operated Electric Leaf Blowers. Cord-based plug-in electric leaf blowers are perfect for decks, stairs, drive or garden areas close to the house for plug-in convenience. You’ll discover electric leaf blower weights around 5 pounds, powered by 6 to 9 amp electric motors.

2. Rechargeable Leaf Blowers - Cordless Leaf Blower Versatility. Your deck may be modest sized, and if you only need about 15 minutes to comfortably clear leaves off from the night before, then re-chargeable battery pack cordless leaf blowers are the solution. Unit weights range 5 to 7 pounds, powered by 16 to 20 volt single battery, with a back-up 2 nd battery that you can keep re-charged.

Power Blower Vacs To Mulch Leaves. Unlike a traditional leaf blower, which relies upon high-velocity air streams to physically drive leaves, multi-use leaf blower mulchers can vacuum-and-grind substantial amounts of bio-matter ... from leaves to small stems. Look for leaf blower mulchers ratios such as 12:1 or even 16:1 for serious mulch compression.

Best Gas Leaf Blowers. Your electric cords can’t reach the outer portions of your drive or garden. Solution? Reach for the light weight low-noise gas leaf blowers, like Echo or John Deere, where some models weigh less than 9 pounds, and only generate sound in the 65 decibel range when measured at 50 feet.

Best Backpack Leaf Blowers. Convenience ... mobility to reach any part of your property or work site ... variable speeds and dampening devices to limit noise level to the mid 60s decibel range, best backpack leaf blowers can weigh from 10 to 15 pounds. Look for electronic easy-start ignition. Market leader backpack leaf blower brands include Husqvarna, Stihl and Echo amongst others.

Understanding Power Ratings - Leaf Blower CFM. Work-force in an outdoor power tool can be measured as air speed velocity ... such as a super-light cordless leaf blower out-putting at 75 mph ... or a gas leaf blower generating 225 mph surface clearing power. Alternatively, think of “work power” as leaf blower CFM or cubic feet per minute of air generated by a wide-mouth outdoor power tool. Light work = lower CFM such as 200 to 300 ... heavy work = higher CFMs from 300 to over 1200 in the top end commercial leaf blower class used by professionals.

Variable Speed Leaf Blowers To Protect Your Plants. Like Hurricane Hugo, some leaf blowers can generate wind velocities up to 225 mph! Blowing leaves away from a mature oak tree with a 3-foot diameter requires limited finesse and virtually no concern about damage to the tree from your leaf blower action. Flowers ... soft-stalked plants ... herbs ... smaller shrubs require protection. Solution? Light action single speed leaf blowers or 21 speed models give instant-on choice.

Getting A Quiet Leaf Blower. Noise ordinances are a reality. Some towns create public policy noise-limit rules governing permitted noise levels in both suburban and high density neighborhoods. Best designed and most quiet leaf blowers throw off sound in the 60 to 70 decibel range, when measured at 50 feet. Smart buyers look to variable speed leaf blower designs, where lower speeds generate less noise.

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