Cordless Leaf Blowers ... The Rechargeable Leaf Blower

Cordless leaf blowers combine mobility, ease-of-use, and reliability into a lawn-and-patio outdoor power tool that should be in every handyman’s tool shed.

Leaf Blower - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

Advantages Of Battery Operated Leaf Blowers. Unless you’re running a professional outdoor landscape company or a building and construction site, you should look into the advantages of the Rechargeable Leaf Blower:-

1. Mobility Without Tangled Electrical Cords Unplugging. Anyone who has walked any outdoor power tool electrical cord beyond 25 feet knows that tangles, tie-ups, and pull-outs at the GFI switch outlet are a virtual certainty. Solution? Battery operated leaf blowers.

2. Ease of Operation- Guaranteed Instant On Starts With Cordless Leaf Blower Designs. No 2-cycle motors demanding messy gas-and-oil mixing ... no need for “electronic assist starts” or primer bulb gas feeds or dirtied sparkplugs that resist a start when you select the Rechargeable Leaf Blower.3.

3. Excellent Mid-Level Power Outputs For Garage, Patio, Lawn - Usable Leaf Blower CFM Outputs. “Working smart” means getting the right power for the right job. For most homeowners, hard surface cleaning ... think leaves, dirt, twigs, grass cuttings, hedge trimmings, etc ... requires moderate air-power, around 120 mph to 150 mph. The gas powered leaf blowers can reach 200+mph outputs ... enough air-force to turn over a log, and certainly way too much power for “normal” needs.

4. Realistic Run-Times - 20 Minutes Max. Unless you’ve outfitted your cordless leaf blower with NASA-level battery technology, you’re going to experience real run-times of 10 to 20 minutes at full throttle or high rpm. Just right for maintenance work each day as you either push back the previous night’s leaf fall or give your deck or drive a morning clean.

Cordless Leaf Blower

5. Quiet Leaf Blower Operation. With Rechargeable Leaf Blower designs, you’ve eliminated 4 stroke leaf blower exhaust, or the whining chainsaw like leaf blower noise created by 2-cycle engines

6. Back-Up 2 nd Battery Pack. Since run times with a Rechargeable Leaf Blower at high rpm are likely to be 9 to 12 minutes, you’ll absolutely need a leaf blower accessory 2 nd battery plus recharge unit. Strategy? One, or both batteries are always at “full charge” so you’ll hit the driveway or back deck in full stride with no uncertainty about power.

7. Light Weight . Some cordless leaf blower models weigh less than 5 pounds.

Leading Cordless Leaf Blower Brands. You’ve got choices when it comes to outdoor power tools. Consider the following leading brands in the Rechargeable Leaf Blower tool segment:-


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