Gas Leaf Blowers ... Gas Powered Backpack Leaf Blowers

Most powerful, wider job range gas leaf blowers put outdoor work into order. Electronic ignition for easy start, optional hand-held or backpack gas leaf blowers, light weight under 11 pounds, and major performance brands including Stihl, John Deere, Echo, Husqvarna.

Leaf Blower - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

Advantages Of Gas Powered Leaf Blowers. It’s all about work-efficiency. Here are the top reasons to pick a gas power leaf blower:-

1. Ease-Of-Use And Wide Area Mobility - No Cords To Tangle

2. Light Weight - From under 11 pounds for handheld leaf blowers to 20+pounds for backpack gas leaf blowers to over 100 pounds for walk behind leaf blowers.

3. Most Powerful & Effective Tool For Leaves. Get clean air-force work outputs, from 200 - 4000 cubic feet per minute and work-air velocities from 130 - 200+ mph.

4. Many Engine Choices - 2 Stroke Gas/Oil Mix or 4 Cycle Leaf Blowers

5. Many Leaf Blower Accessories - Leaf Blower Vacuum Leaf Blower Mulcher. Look for high speed metal impeller designs, wide nozzles for simple no-clog clearing, and no-tools simple conversion to leaf blower or sprayer.

6. Electronic Start Assists For Easy-On Start-Ups

7. Variable Speed Throttle Controls - Tube Or Frame Or Belt Mounted. From 1 speed to multi-speed designs, so you protect delicate plants in flower beds, lower the speed, or increase speed power for stubborn debris.

8. Anatomic & Ergonomic Comfort Designs- Hand grips, throttle locations, padded straps, anatomic backpack for stable balanced work-use

Job Related Leaf Blower Accessories - Wide Mouth Swivel Nozzles. Wide mouth nozzles with a swivel give you the “shape” of air that drives the leaves into neat piles for pick-up, rather than the narrow or tapered fittings that produce a riot of air-choking leaves but no order!

Gas Leaf Blower

Best Gas Leaf Blower Brands To Look At. Most popular performance g as powered leaf blower designs include earlier 2 stroke gas-oil mix designs along with 4 stroke leaf blowers including leading models such as :-

  • Stihl Leaf Blowers. For category “openers”, look into the line-up of Stihl gas leaf blowers. The hand-held Stihl BR-500 is a highly rated performance model. Look also at the easy carry Stihl backpack leaf blower models such as Stihl BG55 Leaf Blower, Stihl BG 65 D, Stihl Blower Leaf Vacuum BG85.
  • John Deere Leaf Blowers. Also, give a close look at the line-up of gas-operated John Deere leaf blowers, such as the under-10lb. John Deere BH25LE featuring gas bulb assisted electronic ignition for easy start, variable or locked speed, a low emission straight gas (no mixing) 4 stroke gas leaf blower.
  • Echo Leaf Blowers. Landscape gardening firms and scores of home owners and handymen attest to the superior quiet of the Echo leaf blowers ... including the light weight Echo Leaf Blower PB 200 with electronic ignition, the Echo Prolite PB-260L, the Echo Leaf Blower 413, Echo ES 2100 Leaf Blower, Echo Backpack Leaf Blower PB 210.

Leaf Blower Attachments. Have a different job need than leaves? Too much exposed dirt and concern about dust? Solution? Get a gas leaf blower with quick release nozzle mechanism ... no special tools needed ... just install a smaller, or larger end-piece based on the job.


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