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Homelite MightyLite Gas Blower packs a number of handy features and specifications into one affordable model. You want a gas garden leaf blower that is easy to use, easy to carry and performs well. Homelite's MightyLite will exceed your expectations.

Homelite Leaf Blower - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

While there are many benefits to purchasing the Homelite MightyLite Gas Blower, one of the biggest is the fact that the blower comes with a two year warranty. For a full two years, you have peace of mind knowing the company will replace or repair your blower if it fails to perform as expected.

Powerful Engine Gets the Job Done

The Homelite MightyLite Gas Blower comes with a 26cc engine that creates air velocity of 170 miles per hour. The engine is a breeze to start thanks to Homelite's patented Rotochoke zip starting system. You won't strain with a difficult pull cord starter because the Rotochoke is designed to start quickly and easily every time.

To start the Homelite MightyLite Gas Blower, simply press the gas primer button to get gas flowing into the blower's motor. Turn the throttle to the highest setting and pull the starter cord grip until the engine attempts to start. Move the choke to the half-choke setting and pull the starter cord grip once more. The engine will begin to run smoothly. After ten seconds, move the choke to the run position and set the throttle to the speed setting you desire. If the engine is still warm, simply set the throttle the run and pull the starter cord.

Shutting the gas leaf blower is also easy. All you must do is move the throttle to stop.

Operation is Easy with the Homelite MightyLite Gas Blower

The Homelite MightyLite Gas Blower weights under eight pounds so your arms do not tire. The ergonomic handle proves to be comfortable to both right and left handed operators.

A long blower nozzle prevents you from bending over while using the leaf blower. You can stand straight and get the job done effectively. Avoid back strain and discomfort even if you use the blower for an entire afternoon.

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