Honda Leaf Blowers ... Honda Backpack 4 Cycle Leaf Blower

Honda leaf blowers like the Honda backpack Model HHB25E lead the 4 stroke leaf blower performance category, offering quiet power, easy starts, light weight performance.

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Honda Leaf Blower - Performance Honda Backpack Model HHB25E. Design and user advantages of Honda leaf blowers like Model HHB25E include:-

1. Lightweight 1 HP Power. A powerful 1 hp Honda engine drives the 4 cycle leaf blower, Honda backpack Model HHB25E. Lightweight, the Model HHB25E hits the scales at under 12 pounds operating weight.

2. Cruise Control For Easy Operation. With the cruise control switch mounted on the control handle of the Honda leaf blower, you get fine-tuning control over the powerful over-450 cubic feet per minute air mass delivered by the Honda Model HHB25E.

3. High Speed Big Volume Forced Air Work Tool. The Honda leaf blower, like Model HHB25E, generates air speeds of over 200 mph by the time air leaves the nozzle.

4. Advantage Of Gas Powered Honda Leaf Blower Over Electric Leaf Blower Designs. The 4 stroke leaf blower by Honda makes short shrift of most outside clean-up tasks. When operating the Honda Model HHB25E, you’re free of cords that tangle or come unplugged. You’ve got wide range and mobility to take your gas leaf blower, and its superior power plant, anywhere on your property or work site ... driveway, deck, stairs, garage, lawn.

Honda 5HP Leaf Blower. Top end power in a walk behind leaf blower using the powerful Honda 5HP leaf blower engine technology, such as by Gravely and Troy.

1. Massive Work Air. A serious leaf blower CFM power rating of 1500 cubic feet per minute air stream, coming out at 200 mph means “work ends early today”.

2. Big Wheeled Easy Mobility. Big wheels for easy roll-in-roll-out means you can easily reach any portion of your lawn, driveway, deck even though the Honda 5HP Leaf Blower assembled weight is around 116 pounds.

Honda Leaf Blower

3. Massive Air Volumes. Speed is only half of the work site need ... air volume or air mass delivered to a clean up may be the most important measure of Honda leaf blower work performance capabilities ... dislodging massed wet and heavy leaves, light sticks, dust and dirt wedged inside pedestrian walkways or carport drive ways means you need “heavy air”.

4. A Quiet Leaf Blower Plus Less Pollution. Honda 4 cycle leaf blower design offers a clear advantage over noisy 2 stroke gas leaf blowers and gas leaf blower vac combinations. The finely engineered Honda 4 stroke leaf blower generates measurably less toxic pollutants than a typical 2 cycle engine. Plus ... with the Honda leaf blower, no oil-and-gas mixing is necessary.



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