John Deere Leaf Blowers ... Commercial Leaf Blower Line Up

Commercial grade John Deere leaf blowers, like Model BP45LE, Model BP50LE and John Deere BP65LE combine backpack leaf blower power, mobility and every-day performance.

Leaf Blower - Find it. Love it. Buy it.

Backpack John Deere Leaf Blower - John Deere BP45LE. Move into pro series commercial leaf blower performance with the John Deere BP45LE. Key design feature include:-

1. Work-Focused 2 Cycle Engine. Powered by a 2 stroke Kawasaki engine rather than the heavier louder 4 cycle leaf blower engines, the John Deere BP45LE generates commercial leaf blower grade air volumes ... over 400 cubic feet per minute and over 170 mph velocity out the working end of the nozzle.

2. Easy Start Ignition & Fuel Efficient. Your hard working John Deere BP45LE is fuel efficient, with easy starts created by the combo gas primer bulb and electronic ignition and an over 50 ounce fuel tank capacity for extended work “reach” without refueling. Great for landscaping, road and bigger residential outdoor clean ups jobs.

3. Heavy Work & More Leaf Blower Noise. The John Deere BP45LE produces around 72 decibels of work sound ... which may be slightly above the noise ordinance levels permitted in some populous towns and cities.

More Powerful Backpack John Deere Leaf Blower - John Deere BP50LE.

1. Huge Work-Air Power. Designed for extra work capacity and mobility, the 2 stroke 48.6 cc Kawasaki engine generates a massive leaf and debris blow-up, with working-air volumes of up to 672 cubic feet per minute ... velocities of 185 mph to handle the removal of cut grass, leaves, dust, dirt particle stuck in sidewalk cracks, hard surface and ground clean ups of any nature.

2. Easy Start Electronic Ignition Assist. Electronic ignition for easy starts combines with a 54 ounce gas tank for extended work time without re-fueling.

3. Ergonomic Backpack And Padded Shoulder Straps. Comfort? The John Deere BP50LE gives you lumbar support, padded shoulder straps for a perfectly balanced set-up as you approach outside clean ups.

4. Power Plus A Quiet Leaf Blower Combo . Output sound levels for the John Deere BP50LE? Around 69.5 decibels.

Most Powerful Backpack Gas Leaf Blower - John Deere BP65LE. Landscaping, job site construction and even road construction sites make the perfect work place for the John Deere leaf blower Model BP65LE.

John Deere Leaf Blower

1. Most Powerful John Deere Leaf Blower. Move up to work levels of a 64.7 cc Kawasaki 2 stroke engine supporting the John Deere BP65LE.

2. Working Air Outputs. The John Deere BP65LE generates 190 mph air speed leaves the working end of this John Deere gas leaf blower ... a massive 630 cubic feet per minute of work-air mass to make light work of leaves, small twigs, grass and more.

3. Weight & Balanced Design. The John Deere BP65LE weighs in at 21.4 pounds and generates around 75 decibels of sound when the variable control is max-ed out at the highest RPMs.



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